Lifesize Plans Walkthrough

So often we hear from clients that it can be hard to visualise how a plan will look in real-life and even images only go so far.

We have teamed up with the company Life Size Plans Dublin office to help you see what the end result will look like. They have all of our plans on file so all you have to do is select your favourite. Any small optional alterations to the plans may also be noted at this stage and will be relayed to us.

Their service is frankly game changing, you can walk around the full extension, move furniture around it and really get an immersive experience before you commit to anything.

Typically we will already have received or taken the measurements of your existing home to get the most use out of this service.

And how much is this?

We have negotiated a reduced fee for our clients of €397 + VAT. You can simply make an appointment with them at the link below, let them know which extension you would like to experience & they will set it up for you. You can bring as many people as you like and spend up to an hour immersing yourself in the space.

Find out more here: LIFESIZE PLANS

Lifesize Plans

The Completed Pepperwood Design

The Pepperwood DesignThe Pepperwood Design